Our Kindergarten classes are recognized for “excellence in academics” with our graduates excelling in their first grade endeavor.  Our bright, attractive room setting offers a friendly greeting upon entering and is large enough to accommodate 15 accepted students.  Please contact us for more information about our Kindergarten program, curriculum, or to schedule a visit.

Note the DLC Kindergarten statistics following:

  1. Half-day session with small class size
  2. More individualized instruction and more opportunities for participation
  3. Varied academic approach—verbal, visual, and tactile
  4. Workshops in language, math, science, writing, art, computer, and library
  5. Spanish
  6. Top-quality, high-end academic instructional materials and manipulatives
  7. Purchased textbooks and support curriculum materials written after extensive research and testing by highly-qualified educators in each academic field, using proven traditional approaches plus some contemporary influences
  8. Phonetic approach to reading, language and creative student writing
  9. Mathematic challenges, including geometric and algebraic concepts
  10. Scheduled formal music classes with music teacher weekly and scheduled formal P.E. classes weekly
  11. All materials have attractive and interesting graphics appealing to 5- and 6-year old students
  12. Extensive student evaluations issued 4 times per year with a 4-point grading system plus 1 scheduled parent-teacher conference.
  13. Two “extended” classes:  Motor Skills Class & WOW-World of Wonder.  These classes are offered on Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00-1:30 p.m.  You can find more information about these programs under “Programs”.


Kindergarten:  $248.00 monthly

  • Session:  8:30 – 12:00 p.m. Monday – Friday